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A F|A youtube group ?

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Since there probably many peeps here using youtube i guess , would there be any interest in opening a group for fearleass assassins ? i myself am kinda active there and would found a group if there is any intereset at all . Group could be set public , private or by invitation , onlky fa members or regulars also ? vids could be uploaded to that group , like the FA anthem fE .


Lemme hear your thoughts about it .


And if you dont mind , share your youtube accounts with us ? :P mines : http://www.youtube.com/user/SilverHaze101

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Screenshot attached.


post-1-092810400 1287239130_thumb.png


lol somtimes not seeing the obvious :D


edit : but its a channel though , at youtube you have the possibility to open up a group where peeps can join .

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