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Ch11m33y aka. ChiLLy<3


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a quick question....


didnt really know where to put this so ill just put it here....

when and how do i know if i get accepted to the clan? do i get a message or??


thanks in advance Ƈħị╔╦╗ӞӞﬥ_[FIN]

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Hey there :)


1. On your application you'll see someone (probably daredevil) reply with "Approved! :)" or something..

2. You'll see "Trial Member" under your username/avatar on all posts.

3. Your application gets moved to the accepted apps archive I think..


I'm not sure if you get notified personally, as I was invited.. So as far as I know, you'll just have to keep an eye out :)




EDIT: Just saw Alex's post.. Way to go beat me to it :unsure: lol

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