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    Found 7 results

    1. Just wanted to know if anyone still plays black ops because I really wanted to play some online zombies
    2. Was just wondering if anyone wanted to play Blops1/Blops2 Zombies some time... I have all the maps if anyone would like to give it a try c: I haven't played multiplayer on them since they came out Thank you.
    3. Zombie Army Trilogy, the "cult horror shooter" set in the dying days of the Second World War, now features eight new playable characters who might seem a little familiar: Francis, Bill, Zoey, Louis, Coach, Nick, Rochelle, and Ellis, collectively known as the survivors of Valve's Left 4 Dead games. "We're delighted to be able to bring such iconic characters to Zombie Army Trilogy," Rebellion Developments CEO Jason Kingsley said in a press release reported by Polygon. "As thrilling zombie shooters designed to be enjoyed with friends, Zombie Army Trilogy and Left 4 Dead share a lot of common ground." And how, you may be wondering, did eight people who, with the possible exception of Bill, weren't even born when the war ended manage to find themselves fighting in it? That question is answered in a free 12-page digital comic entitled Wrong Place, Wrong Time, which you can pick up here. The Left 4 Dead update is a freebie, too. Rebellion has also put Zombie Army Trilogy on sale for 66 percent off over the weekend, dropping it from $45 to $15 until August 24. Source http://www.pcgamer.com/
    4. If the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead had you on tenterhooks, then feast your eyes on this preview double whammy. After debuting earlier today at San Diego Comic-Con, AMC has posted the latest trailers for both of its zombie series online; The Walking Dead and its prequel-companion show Fear The Walking Dead. The last time we visited Rick's gang of survivors, their cosy set-up at Alexandria was thrown into question as Sheriff Grimes plugged a resident full of lead. It's not the first time Rick's had blood on his hands -- and by the looks of things, it won't be the last. His bloodied-face accompanies a slew of references to a new threat, swirled throughout the trailer. More walkers? Or something worse? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUaxF2gGumU Turning now from the action-packed, gore-soaked trials of TWD to its sister show, where the harrowed faces are switched out for remarkably rested ones. Which is no surprise as Fear The Walking Dead begins right as the virus takes hold across the country in Los Angeles. A small group, led by Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis, come together to figure out exactly why people aren't staying still when they're shot to bits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8HJVBrSpMs It might hail from the same creative team, yet the stylistic and thematic approach strikes out on its own. As the cast and crew outlined during the SDCC panel, the emphasis is on family drama - not the incessant threat of becoming a snack. That grisly predicament will of course make itself known to the Californians over time... The Walking Dead returns for a 90-minute season premiere on October 11. Fear The Walking Dead debuts on August 23. Source http://www.gamesradar.com/
    5. Hey there, I want to give you an insight to Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor 2. Let's start the show! Genre: Killing Floor 2 is an FPS in a horror environment. You and your team try to survive waves of Zombies (aka "Zeds"). There are no P2W models, the developers even stated they will not tolerate people selling custom mods or maps, all is free and to be enjoyed limitlessly :-) State of release: Open beta / early access. This is a broad description, but the game has very few bugs left to patch. What's still missing are more characters, more weapons and even more maps to play. A huge content buff will happen when the final release hits, because the developers let you build & share your own custom maps. In Killing Floor 1, those custom maps had godlike fun to offer. Progression & Characters: Where there is team, there is division of tasks. The different available characters are named Perks, and at the moment there are five to chose from. This list is just a beginning, many Perks will be added and the developers also 'carry over' Perks from other games. Example is the Pyro, know of Team Fortress 2, which was voted into Killing Floor by it's community. The berzerker (aka "zerk" or "zerker") - The close-quarter combat specialist. Takes less damage, while it out face-to-face with the Zeds! Starts with a combat-shovel, wants to get his Pulverizer or Eviscerator. The commando - If assault weapons are your thing - this is your Perk. Better at spotting cloaked enemies, too! Your man for AK-47's and SCAR-H. The medic - Run fast, heal your friends, use cutting edge weapons (that's a pun) - and kill Zeds as well! His heals are unmatched with the AoE medic grenade, but dishes out damage just fine. The support - Shotguns for the mayhem, the ability to carry more - and great with a welder too! Resources: By helping the team, shooting Zombies or completing waves, you get XP and cash. XP levels up your Perk and persists when you leave / join servers. Cash is only for the current match, where you can buy equipment and ammo for your rounds. The shop is up long enough between waves, has a nice waypoint to guide you to it. If you happen to find weapons u dont need, u can either drop them for the team or sell them for cash. Perk levelling system: Getting XP is to get levels, and at levels 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 you get to choose between 2 new upgrades. Each Perk has 5 passive bonusses up when at max. level of 25, some benefit teamplay more than others. Deaths have no impact on your XP but will remove some cash. The UI: 1) Distance to trader 2) Wave-counter and counter of Zombies to slay before wave is over 3) XP-bar, Perk info, info about self-heal (syringe), Armor and Health, 4) Ammo in Magazine, Ammo left outside of magazine, toggle of firemode, 'nade count and state of battery for flashlight 5) your Cash account 6) info about music playing 7) not enabled in this screenshot, but u can have crosshair Weapons: Are characterized by damage, rate of fire, spread, weight etc. Your character can only carry limited weight. There are hitzones that increase or reduce damage (so, headshots pay off). Difficulties: There is normal, hard, suicidal and hell on earth to choose from, as well as map length (short = 5 waves, medium = 7 waves, long = 10 waves). The zombies don't just get more HP and damage with higher difficulties, they also feature new attacks, faster movement and ofcourse a bigger number to slay. The maps also feature less medpacks / supplies and cash rewards in higher difficulties, but reward you with higher XP gains. Gameplay: There's a lobby with chat or ingame voice to coordinate your team, where you select your Perk and upgrades. Once all is set, you directly start with wave 1 that you have to beat with your starter equipment, which usually is pretty easy. If you happen to beat all the waves of your difficulty, there's an additional BOSS-wave. It spawns the Boss (aka "Hans Völter") and some minor Zombies alongside. Beating the boss with at least 1 teammember alive give another chunk of XP to all. If by defeat or by win, the map will be over and you put back into lobby. There is a special bullet-time trigger, where everything is slowed and the screen turns greyscale. You can look around normally, but shots and zombies are super slowed. Any zombie you kill can trigger zed-time, based on game-dice rolls in the background. Feels like matrix. The commando Perk has the upgrade to make zed-time last longer. Beginner tips: You are not restricted to use the weaponry for your Perk, basically, a medic could use the heavy melee weapon of the zerker to gain zerker-XP while having the bonusses from medic Perk. Therefor, it's popular that all team members carry a medic pistol to heal each other. Headshots pay off twice! You save ammo and the zombie is dead faster. Don't buy upgrades you don't need first, like armor for the first waves. Save for the important items. If you have all the parts you need, share your money by pressing B (default). Don't solo, splitting from your team is a bad move. Get that Shotgun for boss waves. If you can't kill it, just hit it. You will get the XP and cash when it dies. Constantly look around /up and down/, especially in Zed-time. And well, communicate :-) General note: Yes, this is early access. Progress will be wiped by the developers before release, so at the moment I just play it casually. You can add me on steam if you like (10taclezor).
    6. Free with gold membership the month is Dead rising 2. I never played this series before and I am finding it to be very addicting, and would highly recommend it to any fan of the zombie genre
    7. Corey

      The War Z

      WarZ is a similar game to DayZ which I'm sure most people have heard of by now. It is a survival PVP MMO RPG FPS&3rd person view where you have to eat and drink to stay alive while trying to not be killed by zombies and other human players. On October 15th Alpha testing started for Warz.. I believe they gave away a few hundred keys, but also let people in if they spent 29.99 or 49.99 as a pre purchase. 19.99 got you in on October 31st. Those prices were valid until today... So I am expecting them to be raised at any moment. Anyways... I wasn't going to purchase the game before I at least played it in beta, but bought it anyway *sigh* lol. It is pretty funny, but I am sure they still got quite a bit of work to do on it. Was wondering if anyone bought it or had planned on it. What are your thoughts on it? Since i did pre purchase it I got 3 free guest passes that can be used on the weekend of the 31st. One is reserved for blade if he wants it and I owe joske a beta key since he hooked me up before if he wants one as well. Means I have another one if anyone is interested. I think Forsaken may have an extra one as well, but we will see. Just remember its only for the weekend of the 31st. http://thewarz.com/

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