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Lag on Hardcore

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For the past month or so I've had a nasty-looking lagometer on Hardcore. Screenshot below is pretty typical.




WinMTR has been the same each time I've taken it over the past three months: a lot of latency at that 12th hop. I'm posting here instead of the tracker because it seems like I may be the only person who has this problem.



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I assume is your router? and the second hop is modem or something, anything that is connected with Ethernet cables,. Even if there is no modem, your router(1st hop) should have 0-2 ping. (worst is at 20 so not good)

best case, best ping 0, worst ping 0, last ping 0 average ping 0 on your router. (taught by my teacher Xernicus). The lag starts from your side, try changing the Ethernet cables maybe?

I assume you have restarted PC, router etc.,, maybe there's a damaged cable.

Have you tried any other server? maybe get some winmtr results from other server like silent1, or any jaymods, that should show a bit more too.

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I know my router / modem ping isn't ideal, but it's always been ~10 ms and I didn't have the lag issues before. I have tried other servers, where my lagometer is perfect 99% of the time. Here's a screenshot of silent1:





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