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Want to see real pic of me?  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like to see a Pic of me?

    • V51
    • Does Pooping Bear shit in the woods? Heck Ya!!
    • I could care less you have a penis
    • I don't like you, you service donkey's in an un favorable way in my view

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  • Poll closed on 07/19/18 at 10:00 PM

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49 minutes ago, CheepHeep said:

Choices are a bit unfair.


1. Nope :P

2. This don't make sense.

3. This statement aint true. The last part i mean.

4. My only option!



Well option 2 cheep is a play on words for does a bear shit in the woods but I decided to add in the Pooping Bear thing cause it's a dude that's always on the server and I thought would be a funny metaphorical way to put it :)   (I am considering asking him to join but haven't had a chance to check his info yet)


And I suppose at least I know how you feel about me now Cheep :(


You were my favorite Chicken like I have been tellin ya, but now you give me no choice....it has to revert back to the chicken that came before you....


I give you




Camilla the Muppet Chicken!




Now here is a real badass chicken right here.  She can sing, dance, and act!  A real triple threat!!


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  • Surprise 1
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okay Cheep after talking wtih you today on discord I give you the top spot again but you gotta share it with Camilla here  🐔   😜


Until she screws up which won't take long :)  She maybe a triple threat but not being able to formulate words and no thumbs it becomes kinda an issue

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All Tied up!  Wonder how the poll will end up :) 


Is NO Pic really gonna win?  Or will Yes win out?   Who wants to see C!t0's ugly mug :)


Poll Closes 7/19/18 at 3:00pm PT



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Ohhh look at that looks like I gotta pay up!


I will Post one in the Gallery later today


gotta get me a BLT first :)🥪

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