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Pic of the Day 11.07.18


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Eye eye captain!






Trust me I‘m an engineer!


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just saw last pic was there twice :P
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That pic with see-saw: easy, you put 2 kids on the other side. Also the kids can learn physics in RL, you can put the heavier kid near to the center so the mr1=mr2. Also stronger kids can push with legs to make the attraction moving. Also 1 kid can walk near middle to balance it out according to the need.


Are the kids elsewhere\nowadays so evil\dumb? We could solve the problems easily with different age\weight groups using the see-saw.

The difference in weight introduced new possibilities, the heavier side could "win" the other side so the other side would be lift up very high and long- it was FUN. You couldn´t get as high up with balanced weight distribution, as the other side started to scale up very quickly. Now the lighter weighing side had to ask friends to the help to jump clinging to the see-saw to weigh him\her back down to the earth, and you got a game out of a simple swinging on the see-saw.


Also the heavier side could make the see-saw bounce more when crash landing on the ground so the other side would jump up high from the attraction.


Only the imagination was the boundary for us, not the social norms!

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