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Windows Discord Overlay

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Hi, folks!



Curious if anyone has ever used the Discord Overlay in any game.  I have yet to see it work anywhere.  Sure would be useful.  And, if so, is there a trick to getting it working properly??  I have it key-bound, but it never does anything.





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Some games allow discord overlay, others dont allow any overlay including steam overlays, they just crash or freeze. most games use it, sometimes you have to enable it in the discord settings.

Check this tutorial by Mr.K:

 This should be helpful

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Yepper, saw that one; sadly, though, I still have never been able to get it to work on any game. :(   Its enabled for the game, and enabled in the Overlay setting.  My antivirus has no blocks configured against it that I can tell.  May do some more experimenting and research and see if I can deduce anything as to why.


Thanks for the reference!



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It just depends on the day i guess, i dont get discord overlay on et/doi ever. I get overlay on ets2 all the time np. But some games like CSGO, one day it turns on another day it doesnt. same goes for INS /DOI.

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After the latest update, I fiddled with the Discord Overlay again, and I have discovered the fix to the issue!


If you have your Windows Display settings set to a Scale that is NOT 100% (I had mine at 125%), the Overlay will not display.

Setting it to 100% makes my screen fonts and such pretty tiny at high resolution, but it did allow me to start seeing and using the Discord Overlay!


At least for Windows 7, it looks like this:





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