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Space and technology!(And you!)


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So this is  a post about what you think will be careers in the future, spaceship tech, cyborgs,Star Destroyers (Not Star Wars Destroyers) and else! I am going to start first (logic)


For careers, l think we will have some of the following:


Atmosphere Technician: Primary duty is to look the terraforming the planet, and looks for any imperfections in the newly made ecosystem.

Gravity Technician: Primary duty is to make sure the artificial planet core is doing its job of making gravity. Cooperates with the person above.

Shield Monitor: A person whose duty is to make sure that all ship shields are up and running. If there is a fault within the shield system, he will call a spacechanic to check the damage. If the damage is too big, then the ship will automatically implant coordinates for the nearest space station in the captain's brain.


And that is all l can think of about careers. Moving on to weaponry!


Weaponry will include:


Fully functioning Plasma based cannons

Plasmite (Kinda like thermite but instead made of plasma)

Ion cannon (Used for breaching hulls, can breach a hole through the entire ship)

Lasers (No need for explaining)

Sub-Space nuclear warheads


And a LOT of things more


Technology will probably include this:



FTL Engines

Instant crop seed


Whew, my head is spinning (l am NOT possessed, for a note) of all the things! Post yours today and get a free nothing!

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lets wait for the Mars one mission to go through, then i think these careers will come in play sooner then we think.

That´s right.

It will happen and it woll be the next let`s say 70 years or sth?

What about steward who take you the drinks I would defenitly need them :P

The problem atm for Mars mission is that human people propably wouldnt survive the travel to Mars cause of it`s length.

With newest Technolagy it would take tooooo long.

I am still waiting for some more efficient systems for spacetravel.

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But first, where are the jobs to make or find any kind of material on Earth that can actually pass through the +4000° F upper Thermosphere?


Quite droll, but sometimes I think NASA might seriously stand for 'Never A Straight Answer'... lol

"After surviving exiting the Thermosphere, and simultaneously at the apex of a 20 year solar cycle spewing out lethal radiation, we were able to traverse the impassable radiation of the Van Allen belt in 1969, because it was unknown to us in 1969, and therefore it had no effect." What? That was pretty much their official response to that question.

Not to mention that rocket propulsion has to push-off of the atmosphere to produce motion, and therefore cannot function within a vacuum...


AI doesn't seem to be too far away anyways.


The entire U.S. military is already close to being fully-automated by the JADE II planning system, which to me is pretty-much Skynet.

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