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  1. Xpect

    Wolfenstein´s music

    nice choices, i to some of these tracks in my wolfestine playlist ;D
  2. Xpect

    Happy Birthday von Rantala

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!
  3. Xpect

    Why you play ET ?

    Its there when im stressed out and i just wanna shoot my way out of reality.
  4. Well done guys! Hope you will do us proud!
  5. Xpect

    news Teamspeak – Update

    Yes please use teamspeak more often, Its makes the game so much more fun to play, i always end up closing ts after open it because its always empty when im on xD
  6. Xpect

    Where ur name in-game is from!!!!!

    Mines pretty cheesy, couple years ago i used to be a fanboy for the anonymous hacking group, and their slogan is. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us, and i just took the words Expect Us and shortened it a bit to Xpect.
  7. Xpect

    Windows 10 has made my brain hurt.

    There is a quite simple solution here,
  8. Xpect

    for silent #1

    Yes Golden Dunk please, Ill probably stop by more often then XD
  9. Xpect


    Live Right Beside Toronto in Mississauga!
  10. Xpect

    News Thank you & Happy Holidays

    Happy New Year everyone.
  11. that's awesome, batteries that were plugged in for that long would die instantly, pretty cool how it lasted his whole move.
  12. Xpect

    Do i need to clean my ET ?

    Use Windex to make it faster, i always clean my ET with Windex. *This is not a paid advertisement*
  13. Xpect

    a new ET map in the tube

    Good to see people are still making maps for this game
  14. Xpect


    Tournament sounds dope, but exactly what aniky said you need to be a bit more specific on what you want us to input on this thread.