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Finally, ill be gone!


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Hi guys :)


As some people may know, im going on a holiday to Blanes in spain tommorow!

Been looking out for this for almost a year.. and it almost got distroyed :o


I had an accident where my ancle almost broke.

I stepd wrong and i fell, the docter told me it may be broken and i had to go to the hospital!

My ancle was all thick and blue, i could barely walk on in.

So i went there to make pictures of the bones around my ancle etc. luckily it wasnt !!!!!


I went to a Fysiotherapist to check what it was then...

He told me my anklets where damaged, i had to rest, ice it and keep it up so it would become less thick..


Tommorow before the flight to spain im going back for a last check, and to tape it so it cant happen again !


I was so happy... xD




Ill be gone for a week! hope u guys won't miss me to much, ill send u some pics after my holiday! :)


Have fun in game and on forums! 


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