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  1. Happy new year <3

    1. Hulk


      Happy New Year!! Best wishes for 2020👍

  2. Happy birthday Mate @Gengis <33 wish you the best
  3. I wish you the best, stay strong.


  4. ..i was operated and now is rehabilitation time <3 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. LazyHippo


      I send to you good vibes and get better soon ;)

    3. Hulk


      wishing speedy and successful rehabilitation giphy.gif

    4. Vindstot


      I wish you the best, and get well soon :)

  5. ..boring in the hospital.. right lung was collapsed totally in vacation.. What a piece of s... <\3 Miss you guys
  6. In hospital again in spain..my lung was collapsed again <\3 😭😭

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    2. Hulk


      oh no sorry to hear this. hope speedy recovery

    3. DrSpreadem


      Sorry to hear that hun get better soon 😘


    4. Janey<3


      I am alive Mates and guys ❤️ my Lung apex was operated and now is rehabilation :)

  7. Vacationtime Canarian Island  :party  

    Time out from stressful real life, chill in sun and drink cold beers :)


    See you all again at 13th October ❤️ afk

    1. Feint


      Have a great time and rest :D

    2. LazyHippo


      Nice, I had the luck to visit Tenerife some years ago, great place and great Teide.

      Have fun! :) 

    3. Barn!e


      <-- Jealous

  8. Thorgaaaallll <3333 Very long time not see you mate :) How are you? dzień dobry xD
  9. Hi dude I saw you was playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Especially multiplayer modus? :)
  10. I think she's maybe 18 or 19? You are old Butters mate xD nice ^^
  11. looks a little bit weird in my eyes xD Does this taste good? :D
  12. Happy birthday my friend <3333 i wish you the best

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