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Butters needs help with ET!!!!!!!!!

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Hi guys trying to make et work on the new computer. I transfered the game onto new puter with a memory stick.  I never had a start up icon for years. I copy and paste for the folder onto the desktop and it keeps saying missing files/  WHen I double click it in the folder it starts up game.  When I try to change my config with notepad I hit save and I get this message and it won't let me save it,so I cant make changes.    Access to c:\programfiles(x86)\wolfen-\etmain\etconfig.cfg was denied.  This is new to me and it is also windows 8.1.  Should I just save my etkey and redownload et?  Also I had to redownload xfire, its a new version and does not detect ET now any games on this new puter.............Help  THanks Butter I love you all Poo Poo heads...

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open the files properties, and make sure it is not read only,

run notepad as administrator,

make sure your notepad application has permisson to write to the folder you are trying to save to

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Simple thing I always do to copy my W:ET on a re-installed OS is:


Make sure to do all this before launching your game (so once the fresh ET installed, don't run your game a single time).


-do a fresh install of the game+punkbuster (use the ET installer in our download section)

-I copy\past the mod(s) folder(s)

-I copy\past my profile folder in the newly installed ETmain folder

-I replace also these files coming from my previous ET install into the new one: hunkusage.dat + servercache.dat

-I copy all the maps I had in my previous ET install in the new ETmain folder

-and then I copy\past my ETkey in ETmain folder but also into C:\Users\Annibal\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\ET\etmain (you need to unhide some folders in order to access this path)

-right click on your icon game or on your shortcut icon, choose properties, and tick the box for admin rights.


About your config, simple thing to do is if you want to modify your cfg but can't save it, then save it on your desktop and move it in your freshly installed game in order to replace the previous one. If you're prompted to confirm the replacement of the old one click "yes".



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Thanks guys I got it all figured out and it works great.  Thanks for all the help coudnt do it without you.  Thanks again Peace and Buttery Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. I got the GTX790...........I need a tissue   LOL

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Set the game path to manual, type in the path and the shortcut path, give it permission or run as admin to read and execute files in the folder

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