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COC Big update (New stuff for mid-levels)+Level 12 Collectors and Mines


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We are looking at a major update, that includes lots of cool stuff for Town Hall 7 and 8 mostly and a bad one. Share your opinions on it here or on their forum. 

In my opinion this update is really big but I feel that the game is going to get a bit unbalanced especially with Town Hall 7's having same max. level for Dark Elixir Drill.


From Supercell forum: http://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/477000-New-collector-level-and-retaining-more-resources-in-battles



In the next update we're going to be releasing a round of economy-balancing changes into Clash. The primary goals of these changes are to:

- Increase Dark Elixir availability in mid-level Villages and battles (Town Halls 7-8)
- Retain more Elixir in mid-level battles (Town Hall 7-9)
- Increase Gold and Elixir availability in higher-level Villages and battles (Town Hall 8-10)

So, what are the actual changes coming in the next update?

1) Upgrading Walls with Elixir is now available only when upgrading Walls to level 9 and higher.
2) New collector level! Gold Mine and Elixir Collector level 12 has been added, available at Town Hall 8.
3) The first Dark Elixir Drill can now be built at Town Hall 7 instead of Town Hall 8.
4) The second Dark Elixir Drill can now be built at Town Hall 8 instead of Town Hall 9.
5) Dark Elixir Drills have had their maximum capacity increased on all levels.
6) Unchanged: Maximum Dark Elixir Drill level is 3 at Town Hall 7 and 8, maximum level 6 at Town Hall 9 and 10.

Curious for more details? Read on, Chief! on: http://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/477000-New-collector-level-and-retaining-more-resources-in-battles


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Eh im fine with all of them except the whole wall thing....i like being able to use one or the other. Cause depending on the day and what im upgrading i use one or the other lol

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nice, a new money sink for me to throw gold/elixer at to get even more gold and elixer! AND EVEN another all new dark elixer pump! not a fan of the wall change though...

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