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Star Wars Episode VII Official Teaser Trailer :)


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Finally.  Let's  see it was to come out in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014

So that's not bad.  I am just glad they finally got it done before the original actors all died.


Hey,  is that Wedge in the Tie fighter??   Remember  DAK?  He died trying to lasso a walker.

Well, through the force, he is here with us now.


The funny thing about this movie, is that Leah and Luke had to lose 40 pounds before they started filming.

Han was still fit.


I read this book about 15 years ago.  It starts out with Han and Leah and their two kids and a hidden and lost syth from the darkside.

There are three books this movie included in the screen copy.  So I believe it is going to be good.

The graphics should be the best.  No more little models.

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By the time episode 4 rolls around, other people have been cloned. Further, the empire had supplemented the clone armies with enlisted troops (the original book based on 1977's Star wars mentions something about  Biggs wanting to join the alliance before he's drafted into the empire). There's supposed to be some sort of entry regarding this in Wookipedia. That being said, the shot is not in context, so no one knows at this point who the stormtrooper is.

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i never read any of the books and i would assume this cloning of others is explained there...or maybe int he comic's??

i read this movie has the look and feel of the first lucas film......and ya know, i was thinking.....do i really want to watch a 1980's-esque movie?   :P

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