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Snapchat now lets you send money with 'Snapcash'


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Snapchat now lets you send money with 'Snapcash'

Snapchat has thrown its ephemeral gauntlet toward the feet of Venmo and other quick-cash mobile services with the introduction of a new feature called "Snapcash."

Snapcash lets users send money to their friends through Snapchat as easily as they'd send a hastily captioned selfie plastered with tacky emoticon stickers.

Launched in partnership with Square, Snapcash is Snapchat's first product launched with the help of another company, they shared in a blog post.

And unlike Snapchat messages, cash sent through the app doesn't disappear after you open it - hopefully.

" width="420">YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBwjxBmMszQ

'It's secure, we promise'

Snapchat's blog post says the company wanted to create something like Square's Square Cash feature, but more "Snapchat-y."

Snapcash is "fast, fun, and incredibly simple," as the company describes it. Once you've entered a debit card number - stored with Square - you type a dollar sign and an amount in a chat and press the green button to send it.

Snapchat says they've been working hard to make it secure, and for now the feature is only available to users in the US who are 18 years old and up.



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Wow...Snapchat is really going downhill...this will lead to problems I bet..


I sure dont trust Snapchat enough to send money...picures are one thing but money is another


Why can't they just improve what is there already..it's still glitchy

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