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  1. I might be in the minority but I for one actually enjoy poison knife. To me, the most fun is going 1 vs 1 on each other with poison knife. It gets very competitive and intense when the knife barely misses you. It is also so satisfying when you manage to get a long shot off.
  2. Y'all need to get on Dirty Bomb!

    1. Helsen


      nah IE,


      ET feels just fine :)

    2. Internet Explorer

      Internet Explorer

      DB is a nice change up from ET

  3. I'm a regular Dirty Bomb player and really enjoy it. I'm almost a level 12 and just unlocked Aimee . Feel free to add me on steam if you want!
  4. I'm alive and hope to be more active on forums again!

    1. Xernicus


      I thought Internet Explorer died two years ago since Edge. :P

    2. RedBaird


      You will have to post a request in Tracker/Website Group fix to get out of the "Inactive Member" group...


      @Xern, I still have IE-11 running. The strange WTF is that Edge has offered to open stuff in IE9 for some reason. ???

    3. Xernicus


      @Red IE 11 is included in Win10 for legacy compatibility purposes.

      I'll PM you about the IE 9 prompt.

  5. Hello fellas it's been a long time. I'm typing this from my phone so bear with me if the formatting or location of this topic is a little out of place. I will be starting college next fall and have started looking at some laptops, but there are just too many options to compare side by side. I was hoping you guys would offer some advice. This is what I'm looking for: Under $1000 Longevity (I need it to last) Can play games decently (dirty bomb, et, and some other steam games, not the higher end ones with insane graphics. Disc drives USB ports Ethernet? (Doesn't seem common anymore) No storage issues, prefer not to use external hard drive. Good battery life. I do not need a touch screen, 2 in 1s, or an ultralight laptop. In short, I need a mid-range laptop that will last and run smoothly without breaking the bank. It seems that Dell and Lenovo are good options. Definitely not Apple. I liked Lenovo legion laptops but they seem limited on ports and didn't disc drives. Any help is appreciated!
  6. I miss online gaming...

    1. RedBaird


      You are level 12 here and will still have it when you can return to FA Gaming. :)

  7. So busy!

    1. RedBaird


      Yes, many FAs are plagued by busy, busy lives ATM! :)

  8. So I have just moved from my mom's to my dad's and won't be playing Wolf anytime soon if ever...I still love this clan and will be on COC. I intend to keep visiting forums but may not every day like I used to. If my level needs to be adjusted I understand.
  9. Dirty bomb owns me rn

    1. RedBaird


      Escape long enough for ET Gameday this saturday, the 20th!!!! :D

  10. Hey guys I am currently searching for a new phone.... I currently have an Huawei Ascend Plus, a piece of junk Here are the things that I consider important: 1. Good wifi reception ( current phone drops wifi constantly) 2. No internal storage issues, my phone accepts and uses SD card that has plenty of space but internal storage still prevents me from downloading much at all 3. Decent camera 4. Decent battery 5. Preferably not huge Any and all help will be appreciated
  11. WOOOOOOW! I like about all of those bands with a few exceptions that I don't recognize. That is insane
  12. Dirty Bomb is sooo fun!

  13. Joined the steam group! Feel free to add me! Getting dirty bomb and possibly insurgency. I thought about planetside 2 but I think my pc cant handle it

  14. Is planetside 2 worth downloading? prob getting dirty bomb

  15. TWD is coming back!

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    2. gaskarthx
    3. Internet Explorer

      Internet Explorer


    4. gaskarthx


      I think Abraham is gonna get Lucilled though...

  16. the game isn't the problem...it is the idiots who use it. The same goes for guns and many other things
  17. What a messed up situation.....Turkey has had some trouble but I didn't think it would come to this

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