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Moved, no XP now


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I've been playing on the Jaymod serer for a while under -[Puppies]-MortalWombat. I just moved from Houston to Denver and all my XP is gone; had ~46,000. Is XP tied to IP address or something, where moving and changing internet providers would lose the saved xp? Is there any way I can get it restored?



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same computer, didnt change anything. My profile is still the same, all my shortcuts are still the same, just no xp :(



well the prob contains in ur etkey, so if ur xp is gone, i guess ur Etkey somehow got screwd maybe delited and replaced with new one? Did u lost xp also on other servers?

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What operating system do you run on?


If it's Vista/7, make sure you're still either running it as Administrator or not - As they have seperate etkey locations if you do or don't.

It is windows 7, but im using the same login. etkey file says it hasnt been modified in 6 months.

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