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Problem using silencer on weapons...

Ol Smoke

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About a week or so ago, I started noticing that I wasn't getting kills with my silent M14.  I would shoot and the

X would appear, so I kept shooting and getting nothing but X.  I thought at first it was a perk the enemy guy had but

I started seeing it all the time on every guy I shot.


Yesterday I was playing and it started doing it again.  So Wolfie was playing with me at the time and he suggested I

take off the silencer.  I was using the AK47 with a silencer, UAV, deep impact.  It is a gun I have used for a long time.

So I took off the silencer and did no perks to the gun at all.  I started getting good kills.  I still had the silent M9 on

my setup so I shot a few guys with that.  I had come up behind a guy who was very close, and I used the silent M9.

I shot him three times, and got three X marks but no kill.  I switched to the AK47 and killed him with one shot.


We then played Broadcast and I started with the P90 which is Silent.  The same thing started happening.  No kills.

I logged off and restarted the game, but it did not change anything.  So I took the silencer off and started getting



Now in the past I have used silenced weapons all the time.  Got a lot of kills from all distances.  I never saw a difference,

except at very long range, like in Pipeline.


Anyone got a clue as to why this is happening now?



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As I suggested to him take off the silencer on the Ak-47 seeing as it does less damage on the Ak anyway. 


Smoke if you don't mind me asking, How old is your game?


As Dom said see if this happens on any other server.


Also people if you are reading this and have experience this problem is there a solution?


I for one have never come across this problem and I've had this game since 2009. 

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it's possible too, because you have a bad internet.


Me, when i have lag (i have change my internet, and it's soo bad now...) i must fire 3 or 4 AK balls for kill anyone.

BUt just one when myinternet his good..

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