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Right so I use the Ak-47 quite a lot now but I am still struggling to find which perks to use with it.


At the moment I use


Ak-47 (Golden) No attachment, Bandolier, UAV jammer and Deep impact or Same until 2nd perk which I recently put Double Tap on.


Anyone else have any suggestion of what I could try out.

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Slight of hand :)


Ha, I was coming here to say that. I use Sleight of Hand on all of my assault classes because when you're rushing a group, you need to be able to reload fast. Bandolier is also good. It allows you to use your primary to shoot down helis without having to worry about running out of ammo. Juggernaut is useful, but doesn't do too much in hard-core mode. It does help against P90s and pistols though.


Good to see you're not using an attachment. The Red-Dot and silencer both reduce the power. 

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I use AK with iron sights, 3x Frags, UAV Jammer and Deep Impact. By me Ak with silencer is good on small maps. Also you can take RPG instead of 3 frags. You can shoot heli, ppl, cars and on low levels I recomend 3 special stun granades.

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First things first. Forget about the AK and go for the assault rifle starter with silencer and jammer. A killer combination.


Back to topic,

1st perk: RPG

2nd perk: double tap -> recoil / kills

3rd perk: deep impact -> I use that with all my weapons.

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