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what a Ar$ehole


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As the title says the guy is an ar$ehole. Me and my mate went out skating and on the corner to get to my house, these two 17 to 18 yr olds were kicking a soccer ball around, we rod past and said hi, and the next thing that happened the guys turned around and kicked the ball as hard as he could and nearly hit me in the head, (missed by a 1cm) and i just looked back and thought id have some fun. I said" HA!! You missed sucker" smacked my butt than ran home and closed the garage door coz he started running after us... as it was closing i put the finger up at them and said" seeya ladys". And let me say if the ball hit me id (a) run and smash him (B) get my board and smash it into his face or © sacktap him so hard he'd cry. And they were aiming for me coz who turns around to kick a ball when your walking the other way... oh and if i see them again ill get the soccer ball (coz they left it were it landed and ran after us, but then 10min later we went back out to see if they were there and they wernt so we got the ball) and ill give to them and say you forgot this, and run home.

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Carry a knife for self defense.


That ball attacked you. You should have gotten off your bike, knifed the ball, and left.

Lol but gez why did i say Ha! Missed sucker!! I could of gotten beaten up.
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