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nolifer 150J_b


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I can see he's a busted cheater, which explains his trolling on teamspeak,


He comes on TS3, keep's switching to everyones chanell and playing annoying sounds, he keeps poking me and probably other users and he keeps insulting me in the pokes.

I didnt take screenshot, but if u dont bellive me i am sure u can check the logs or something.


Hes mad, cuz bad. #nolife


Name: 150J_b

Country: UK

Website profile: http://fearless-assassins.com/user/11696-150j-b/


i suggest u ban him from teamspeak or something.



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We had that problem as well and he just kept moving channels trying to annoy anyone he could. in the end I asked 'why are you poking us' he said 'because I am bored'


I will try finding chat, it might be Teamspeak or xfire.


Edit: found the piece of chat. This from xfire after he stopped poking us.


[17:42] =F|A=WolfENgang: why
[17:42] =F|A=WolfENgang: are you doing that
[17:42] =F|A=WolfENgang: stop being a troll
[17:42] 150jb: ok soz i got bored
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