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You can get free steam games by playing games.


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You can now get free steam games by playing games on steam (Tf2, Portal 2, Dota 2, CS:GO). If you can cough up 9 cents, you can get a beta pass for it to work, I mean, who wouldn't take that deal? (Not sure this is the proper section for this, please move it if it is not).


Here's how it works.


1. Set up your steam for the Beta Update.

Go to your steam settings, and under account, find the beta participation section. Choose the Steam Beta Update. This will prompt your steam to update, let it do it's work.



2. Buy a steam Beta pass for 9 cents.

Click on community in the steam menu, and select market. This will allow you to buy all sorts of game stuff with steam wallet cash. Use the search feature to find the beta pass (just type in beta and it's on top). Buy it for 9 cents.



3. Play any game of your choosing from these games: Tf2, Portal 2, Dota 2, CS:GO.

After playing, it will show that you have earned cards. You can sell these in the market for steam wallet money. Go to your inventory under your name and find the card(s).


4. Sell the card(s) for steam wallet cash.

Click on the card, and select sell. Enter how much you want to get from it, generally they are worth around 40 cents each, but it can vary greatly.


5. Use the cash you get to buy games.

It will simply go straight into your steam wallet, it will add up, and you can buy yourself some games! Woo!


If anybody wants, I have plenty of steam cash from selling these, and I can give you beta passes if you don't want to cough up 9 cents. I mean really though? Hope you guys like this as much as I do.


EDIT: forgot to mention... people are selling Dota 2 for 3 cents on the market, GO BUY IT!

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Thats amazing.. Does it actually work?

yeah, although, because each card goes for around 40 cents, it can take a while of saving, and you aren't assured to get a card every time you play a game.

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