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m4G- Reporting for duty!


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Hello there!


I am a 22 year old gaming enthusiast and basically as an unemployed i jog with my dog, drink my ass off and play all day long.

I hail from finland and play countless games from MOBAS to ARPS TO FPSs. Have been looking for a place to hang in the teamspeak with people to talk to and who are basically online all the time. Hope to see you in ET atleast for now!

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It is nice to meet you m4G-! We look forward to seeing you on the servers. Hope you have a wonderful day, and nice chatting with you on TeamSpeak! Cheers!



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hello nice speaking to you on TS, i wonder if you live near yellow

@skull he asked tonight on TS if its ok to play and talk when he is drunk lol.  i think its mostly a requirement that you not be sober

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