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I'm out


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Hey everyone. I will be out until 12/28 traveling for xmas - I know what you're all thinking!! Oh god now, oh lord why why whyYYYYY!!! He's the greatest player of all time, a handsome man, strong buff and hot and he's nice too and wow man he can play and play well.. How oh how can we survive without him??


Well I know its hard.. Trust me I did not decide easily to take on my biological family before you guys but i must. Because they get me stuff some times. So I will be back!! 12/28 enjoy the holliday!


Your brother, your daddy



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I was gonna congratulate you for coming out of closet but then I read the post and was really dissapointed. Have fun with rl family and come back soon to us we need you more.

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Haha! I didn't think about the title being "i'm out" lol! I can't wait to play again.This is the first time i have went 24 hours without.. Hope everyone has a great christmas tomorrow or whatever you celebrate!


Skillz aka Shawn

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