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  1. Happy Birthday Skillz!

  2. Skillz


    Where's everyone? And Whaaaattttt???
  3. 2 Years, but I finally built another computer!!

  4. Skillz

    Coming soon! Me!!

    Cool so, if I get 7 64bit you don't think it's the end to gaming? And man I so wish I still had my net service! I moved to Oklahoma.. Now I hit about 1.2 Bps download.. Bah!! Thanks! I have missed the Clan and COD more than you know. I had to make a very difficult choice.. Keep the baby, or get a new setup I chose the new setup but my wife trumped me lol. I'm ready to get this thing built!
  5. Skillz

    Coming soon! Me!!

    Hey guys! Been out of touch a bit. Comp crashed several months back and then I had a baby! So I have been unable to build another, However in about a week or so I will have the funds finally.. So ready to enjoy some COD 4 again.. Question.. How is Windows 7 64 bit with gaming? I'm building a quad core intel i5-760 system with 8Gb DDR3 High end ram. I've heard nightmares about windows 7 and am having a hell of a time finding an instock vista 64 bit.. Edit: Dang, I got knocked down to a 'user' that sux
  6. My computer crashed and I had a baby so I haven't had the dough to replace it :(

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Skillz

    Its a girl!

    Thank you all lol.. Sorry I have been out of town for a while but yea very exciting!
  9. whhheeeerrreee arrreeee yoouuuuuuu???

  10. I thought you were already trial?

  11. Hey skillz, dis dude called k.o said u shud confirm dat im a trial clan member on my application. cud u plz do dat. ty m8

  12. wazup skillz? remember me? Im apfstrudel. add me 2 frends list plz.

  13. Skillz

    Its a girl!

    I can't find enough places to brag that I'm going to be the daddy of a lil girl! Don't worry I will raise her as a pro FA COD4 player! Her name will be "Scout" and when she can hold a mouse she will be =F|A= Scout lol.. My wife is 17 weeks and she is due in August!
  14. I've now been married, 20 months 6 days and 6 hours and about 30 seconds at the time I began this post. My advice to you... RUN!!!!!

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