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how to downgrade cod4 from 1.6 to 1.5?



i just got this windows7 in like 2 weeks now so i bought cod4 and it's already in 1.6 version, i want to have version 1.5 too so i can play with my friends.


my cod4 cd is version 1.6 i can't install it as 1.5 grrrr :\

how can i get version 1.5???

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yeah thats annoying since it's already 1.6 in your DVD, we already have tutorial to how play 1.6 and 1.7 but the problem here you wanna play in 1.5, only solution for you is:


1- install last update 1.7 Cod4-Patch-1.6-to-1.7 (download from here)


2- after applying the patch 1.7 use .exe"]CoD4-Version_Changer_v1.7.5.3_[uK].exe


this is a patch selector to switch between all cod4 version 1.1 to 1.7, start it and select 1.5


You must apply patch 1.7 before using this patch selector


voila have fun :P

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No need for that hell ooo coz it's only a link to patch we dont need tuto for that, better just add link to existing Dan tuto to this thread


but I think we need to ask Dan to update his tuto first coz screenshot in that tuto are gone


so we ask Dan to give you screenshot and host them in fa site

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