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Idk if there is any formal way to introduce yourself but here is pretty much everything.


I'm a 25 year old Iraqi Veteran of 2 deployments during OIF 5 and 7 2007-8; 2010-11 and I used to love gaming every day. I've been in the Active duty army for 6 years and almost a year now in the Army reserves. So I have some actual experience with some of the weapons and equiptment.


Anyway, you can call me Dave, Day, Trainer, Gamer or just Daydreamdirty.


I'm here after Ghost invited me to join the group. If you ask me though, you need a seperate section for applications to join your clan as what I'm doing now- compared with just introducing yourself.



Anyway, to make a long story short, I've helped someone win a ping-pong tournament and ever since then, I've realized my love of helping others and strive to better myself in whatever I do- whether it be work or fun OR even in dating women. Funny since I still get scared trying to introduce myself to cute chicks. I know alot about all of the call of duty games after COD3 and which perks are the best, which to use when, for what gametypes and have winning classes if you guys are in need of my expertise.


I also used to play cod4 for cash so I'm good. A short funny story about that. I was so good at MW2 overseas during my 2nd deployment that after a short game of 3x 1 (I was all by myself) the local nationals accused me of screen-watching them and never came back to play since. I admit, I try not to screengaze as it's cheating in a sense. In another sense, I'm too good to cheat as I have proved myself over and over again.


So just hit me up when you guys can. Also in case you see a TheGameTrainer that might also be me as both of the names I use.


Oh yes, I would also like to join your clan if possible. Just repeating to make myself clear.

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