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Help me guys :)!!!!


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Hi all!


I think I have a problem....


I play every day in the F|A server #2 XPSAVE FOREVER

But today I saw that only bots playing on this server.

I got to see in my chat:

1. Server is changing IP to: Same server, same settings and no lags!

2. Everyone is on new server! Type in console \connect jay2.clan-fa.com to join our new server.



Do you guys think that I will lost my 85584 XP?


Hoping for your answer quickly XX

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We have changed IP of jay2 server in order to get rid of lags and provide you an experience of smooth game.

You can connect by typing /connect jay2.clan-fa.com or use that IP stated above. ;) Your XP as well as your admin level were sent from old to new machine, so you don't have to worry about that. ;)

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Yes we moved to a new server for Jaymod 2 because of all the lag everyone was experiencing. I don't think you will have to start over with your experience points, but who knows anymore at this point. Some people lost their xp while others were untouched. Hope that your transition is smooth, and happy fragging.

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