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Minecraft Just got banned!!


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I was on and playing and suddenly, i got moved to jail and i couldn't use any commands and 30 sec after i got moved to jail i got banned :S


And when i try to connect to server again it says "The Ban Hammer has spoken!"

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So here is whats going on so far we had a group of guys using a cracked version of the game come on and cause some mischief after which I followed banning protocols but we can not ban the ip because we do not have the command to do so. So they kept coming back as and then tried to impersonate the other admins they could not impersonate me so I was stuck tiring to fix the problem I would check there ip and ban if it was the same as the guys that we had banned in the first place I ended up banning over 20 times yesterday in the process I banned some of the admins but I did not ban lain and I unbanned all admins that had banned and they did ban me under baska's name so they could of come back and banned more of us but probably not me because i have a separate username than my display name. I would fix this issue but the sever is down right now on our ends and not on the severs side.

I suggest that one of the admins who is on a lot and has knowledge of the back workings of a sever be given more control to fix these issues so doobie can finish working on development side of things and one of us can stop things like this before they get out of hand.

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The guy that was online had red name and i think it was two "o" and 21 in the end. And i know that doobie has hes nick Doobie21 but it looked like a strange mix of the name or something.

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Lain you have been removed from ban. The ips of the idiots have been banned onthe server. (not bothering with the name) Server is back to online mode. however there are some issues with the server i havent figured out and will need kai to help me with.

Right now the server is running. A bit laggy (one of the issues) had to roll back the server. some data has been errased (mcmmo lvls) im working on getting the server up and running and and up to par with before.

Sorry for any issues this has caused. I'll work on commands as well. to stop this from happening in the future.


Cracked versions CAN NOT connect for the time being. (might be perm, working on another plug in for that though)

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