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  1. Happy Birthday Kiirby!

  2. I'm back friends. :)

    1. ajnl


      hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friend

  3. I like to climb and bounce around in the servers, but most every spot I get to I'm able to be shot... Just some of the players aren't bright enough to figure out where they are getting shot from.
  4. I strafe way to much and spend to much time trying to hit bounce shots lolol
  5. Kiirby

    So happy

    My girlfriend and I are obsessed with the "Blade" movies(vampires) and the bad guy vampires name is Deacon Frost. We sat on it for a while with other names and decide we would use Deacon.
  6. Kiirby

    So happy

    Thank you friends. My girlfriend thinks they may be hives. She gets them when she gets really stressed, so maybe hes got them too. Hopefully not.
  7. Kiirby

    So happy

    Hello F|A friends. Hopefully the CoD players here didn't forget who I am because I've been missing for a while. (http://fearless-assa...ad/#entry372861) Black ops 2 is just to fun and I've been busy with editing. But anyways I thought I would stop by and let you all know how I'm doing because you guys are a great family that I miss, so you should know. Some of you knew my girlfriend was pregnant and if you didn't well you do now. Three days ago she gave birth to my son, Deacon Eric, at 1:17am. He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 21 inches long. Hes absolutely the most amazing person I've ever met and I've never been happier and tired. Haha ;p We got released from the hospital yesterday morning and spent our first day home. Both my girlfriend and I had a loooong sleepless night.(No nurses to help us out anymore D:) But Deacon is completely healthy so far. Only thing we really have a question about is when he gets really cranky he gets red spots every where, but we have a doctors appointment tomorrow for him so we'll find out! I just thought I'd share and if you guys want to know the complete birthing story(talking to all the dads/moms in this community) I'll be glad to share. Here are some photos!
  8. Happy 21st to me!

    1. MagOo


      Hope you get much love from your love ones ^^

    2. WeetBix KiD
    3. ajnl


      yay! go out and get drunk :P

  9. Happy Birthday Kiirby!

    1. Kiirby


      Thanks Daredevil!

  10. A much easier way to practice nade throwing is by going into mods and selecting promod. If you don't have promod just go into any promod server and it will download. Once you select your promod mod open up the console( ~ ) and type /devmap mp_strike/broadcast/citystreets(whichever map you'd like) and it will start the server. When you're in game just throw a nade and the camera will follow it. If any of you need help I can make a quick video for you all.
  11. I'm not dead! Just been playing a lot of Black Ops 2

    1. MagOo


      Love that game

  12. I use Chrome and I've already went into my extensions and its not there either. Will this work even if its not listed in my "remove programs?"
  13. I forgot to mention, its not in the "remove programs" list anymore. Its just there when I use quick search. I took a screenshot to show you. Also I use quick search a lot, so it bugs me and sometimes will redirect me or not even search...
  14. Hey everyone today I was cleaning out my programs list for stuff I no longer use and I came across a program called Privatize VPN I uninstalled it, but found out soon after it isn't gone and a quick search on google suggested its a virus of some sort. I can't find any forums on how to remove it, maybe I'm just reading right over it, but can someone help? Thank you.

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