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Ping pong!


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This reminds me of summer of 1988, I was playing ping pong at the local community center against of these kids that are really sore losers, well I was kicking these guys ass and dude was a bit fat too and was sweating like a pig, well at the end of the match which I won, he slammed the paddle against the table, turned around and I guess some of the sweat ended up on the floor, well he slipped did a 180 and hit chin first at the edge of the table, needless to say it was a bloody good match. There was another bloody match 10 year later but it involved this chinese dude, pool party and me stepping in a broken beer bottle barefooted.

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Fun/funny sport indeed. I wish I could play better I do now, hehe. :P


Arent chinese wizards on this?

They are,but gtfo i'm still wizard of the wizaaarrdzzzzz:P I can't train ping pong cuz it's any way to soft sport for me:D But i love to chill when i'm playin it with my friends,we have 2 ping pong tables in front of our flat but they are made of concrete because people can't steal it then:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I think i'll picture it and post it to redneck innovations xD

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