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NoQuarter xpsave : Funmod for just one map?


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Hello guys,


since the funmod settings (unlimited ammo and charge) have been put off due to too many server crashes, I'm missing this stuff :(

So I want to know whether it would be possible to put these old settings on for just one map (dunno which).

If it is possible I think one could make a poll about which map to use with the fun settings. What do you think about that?






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Come on guys we already discuss this, no need to make a poll or any thing ;)


the server setting will stay like it is right now. the only solution is run the server in pure ET 2.6b version to have those setting works without problems but this will not allowed others players from 2.55 to come and play in our server, which is against our target to "make F|A servers available for all players"

also unlimited weapons and charge bar, deliver corrupted data to SL which make high rating for player and this will make NQ server have bad reputation also will disable it from ranking system at SL.

also I read (at some forum) & seeing some using that unlimited to get more rate and ruin the game for any newb player, No thanks

the server now getting more players (newb + sl whore) and more popular without unlimited stuff, so please forget it ;) it's not a private clan server for fun. it's public server with some funny setting for all :)

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