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****** K3 ******


Version 1.51




Features: =====================================================================


Claymore -> Auto Turrets

C4 -> Laser Mines

RPG -> Lock on rockets / laser guided rockets / Dark Matter Cannon - type is chosen at spawn

Stun Grenade -> EMP Grenade

Flash Grenade -> Freeze Grenade

Frag Grenade -> Sticky Proximity Grenade

Smoke Grenade -> Anthrax

MP44 -> AR20 Carbine

M40A3 Sniper -> erm... another sniper model :P


New quick chat menu options:

Deploy Time Bubble

Laser ON/OFF

Third Person ON/OFF

Left / Right handed weapon

Change crosshair

Status voices

Invisibility cloak

Deploy med station

Place spawn beacon

View stats



New weapon sounds for:




Mini Uzi



M249 SAW





M40A3 Sniper

Dragunov Sniper

Barrett Sniper

Desert Eagle

Grenade explosions


New weapon models:

RPG -> AT4 Rocket Launcher

MP5 Red dot -> MP5 Red dot + silencer

M4 Grenade launcher -> M4 Grenade launcher + eotech (square red dot thing)

MP44 -> AR20 Carbine

M40A3 Sniper -> erm... another sniper model :P


New skins for:




M249 SAW


USP .45

Silver Desert Eagle

All camos have been changed, apart from the digital camo


New helicopter model

Loads of blood, bodies have a chance of gibbing when killed with an explsive, shotgun or Barrett .50cal

Blood on your screen when hurt, and goes on other players screen if they are close enough

Killing sprees

Message center

Damage modifiers

Weapon spawn ammo changable



Challenges, weapon/perk unlocks and create-a-class, just like normal CoD4

Camo and challenges in ModWarfare mode


Pain sounds

Death sounds

Vortex Portals

Automatic M16 (only when no attachments are used)

Automatic G3 (only when no attachments are used)

End of match stats

Extra ambient sounds

Cars get damaged if you land on one and get hurt from the fall

Night mode

Spec the winner in UT3 style

Ambient mortars

Up to 11 Map vote

Killcams that we were meant to get in 1.7

Ion cannon

Mortar barrage

Meteor shower

Black hawk helicopter, when used you can fly around in it and shoot out of it

Binoculars are used to target the mortar barrage and meteor shower

Status voices

Invisibility cloak


Fully customizable taunts

Auto assign only option

Searchable dead bodies

Anti camp system

Med packs

Med stations

Kills and time remaining announcments

UAV planes circle the map while UAV is active, UAV planes can also be shot down by the enemy team

Options for perfectly still scopes while holding your breath

Spawn beacons

Admin commands




Auto Turrets:

Auto turrets automatically scan the area for nearby enemies, if an enemy is in range the turret will open fire on them.

The damage and fire rate can be increased if the owner has the either the Stopping Power or Double Tap perks.

Auto Turrets take 3 seconds to arm once deployed.



Laser Mines:

Once a laser mine is deployed, a beam will emit from it and travel across the map until it hits an object

If the beam is broken by an enemy going in to it, he will instantly get blown up.

Laser Mines take 2 seconds to arm once landing on a suitable surface.



Locking-on Rocket Launcher:

To lock-on with this, you must aim at a player until the lock-on bar reaches the end and says "LOCKED ON"

The player that you are locking on to will receive a warning sign that apears on their HUD indicating that they are

being locked on to.

Lock-on rockets can also be used againt helicopters.



Laser guided Rocket Launcher:

Once a laser guided rocket has been launched, you have full control over where it travels too.

To control the missiles just aim at the position where you want them to travel to.



Dark Matter cannon:

The damage of the Dark Matter Cannon is decided on how long you have charged it for, to charge the cannon up you hold fire

while having it selected then release to fire. A number in the right hand side of you screen indicates the maximum damage

that it will inflict on the enemy.



Freeze Grenade:

Freeze grenades replace flash grenades and are ideal for reducing a players vision and slowing them down



EMP Grenade:

The EMP Grenade is a very useful item, it can be used to disable enemy Auto Turrets, Laser Mines, Sticky Proximity Grenade, diable cloaking and

decrease players visibility.



Sticky Proximity Grenade:

Proximity grenades will stick to any surface (apart from players), once it has stuck to a surface it will then watch for any enemies that

come close to it, then detonate.



Time Bubble:

Time bubbles stop any kind of bullet and explosions from passing in or out of it. Time bubbles can also repel enemies that get too close.



Vortex Portals:

These spawn at random TDM spawns through out the match, if you go in one you get teleported to a random TDM spawn.




To get Rage, you must get 10 kills with less than 3 deaths. While you have rage your health regenerates and your speed is increased.



Spawn beacons:

Spawn beacons allow you to have some control over where you respawn, if you have a beacon deployed when you repsawn

you will spawn at a random spawn within a set radius of it instead of spawning near your team mates.

Spawn beacons can also alert you when it "sees" ememy players nearby.



Also includes:

Freeze Tag gametype (v1.2)

A modified SD game type, the SD bomb sites can be moved

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