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Deals on LCD TV's??


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I have been looking online for a nice LCD tv. Was wondering if anyone knows about, or has links to any good deals for a 32''+ 1080p lcd television. Under 700$ would be preferred. I know some of you know good sites for this kind of stuff, so hook a girl up ehh?

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Viewing Angle 178°(H) / 178°(V)

1080i/p, 720p, 480i/p

Response Time 6ms

Brightness 500 cd/m2

Dynamic Contrast Ratio 50000:1

HDMI/HDCP Input: 3 (V.1.3 with Deep Color)

Power Consumption 102W


well it's really nice deal for that price :)

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prices on larger lcd's have dropped alot in price. my 46" Sony Bravia costed my a total of 1,500.00 . But I worked at Rent A Center so they just took out 28.00 a week. Anyways, Black friday is coming up. I saw a 37" for 400.00.


Check these 2 deals forums. They have deals on everything.


www.fatwallet.com(you can also sign up for cashback through fatwallet and bing if you like)




About Black Friday. There is a website dedicated to it. Some ads were already leaked and they have them on there. check back regularly for updates



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