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Punkbuster Server List - Fake or not?


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Soon on wolfmap/splatterladder a news article appears from me: it's about servers that looks like running PB but they DONT run.

--> http://sdu.vdvo.nl/pblist/pblist.php'>http://sdu.vdvo.nl/pblist/pblist.php

Here comes a list. Can u people please suggest some servers before i release it :)


Thx you!


Sorry but I don't get it :confused [ it's about servers that looks like running PB but they DONT run.]


Ok i think i can translate ....



Coming soon to the SL news pages! (http://et.splatterladder.com/)A list of servers that look as though they run PB but dont't Vist http://sdu.vdvo.nl/pblist/pblist.php ! As the site says, 'This list does NOT contain any servers which have Punkbuster disabled in the general server list. Only the one who DOES have it enabled BUT hacked it for using the 'patch' so it's actually malfunctioning.'


However, before i release this , can anyone suggest servers for this 'avoid' list ?


TRhanx :) x

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You will hear soon. some people are running servers with a patch for other clients etc. They hack punkbuster for that. But it looks like pb is running.

On the site i'm running you can see who's faking. So if you know anyone else you can suggest.


oh ok ... but do you think that all servers had to hack PB to make their servers works with patched versions?


if there is a patch working with pb and streaming server? how you gonna be sure that list are gonna be correct!!!!

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What's happen to your site? why close it?


Sorry I removed this list - seems like people didn't wanted to play ET anymore because some servers don't get ranked at SL anymore.

+ It has no function anymore - Bye!



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