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Forum not working


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Something is wrong with the cookies in the forum, I can't seem to stay logged in even when Keep me logged in is checked. Also when I click View New Content it says 0 items when I know theres new unviewed posts.



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cookies are stored locally. if you have problems than this is probably an issue on your client side. Try to reset all your browser cookies. And also try another browser and let us know if it still doesnt work.

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lol i hate registry cleaners. They f*** up windows as far as they can.


you hate them cos you dunno when you have to use them big mama :D


anyway this tool is great to clean up windows from time to time. people use it wisely not all time. to keep some cookies and others stuff (example i keep rapidshare cookie with this tool this way i don't need to fill login and pass every time i need to download something)


for me ... I use it at least 10 times a day and never had any issue with it the idea that i have some software put in cache stuff make me sick ... Muahahahahahahahahhaha

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