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Lollipop Chainsaw | GameTrailer


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Holy f***ing shit this will destroy gaming.


No... Simply no.


A.) Chainsaw + melee + 3 hours (+) of gaming will make you feel like a drone bee.


B.) Have we all forgotten dead island? With better graphics and a refined plot, it could work.


C.) PG12+? PG18+? for children it MAY be too graphic, for lads my age there's not enough eye candy, it looks like a game that was stuck in dev-hell and they just decided to repackage and throw it out there asap. More eye candy, more gore, more shock luls and horror possibly.


D.) This game feels like it came straight out of Sucker Punch imo, hot blonde girl comes out with a chainsaw and starts doing her thang....


E.) Sega needs to pay me to make another HotD (5).

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