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I have recently started watching a new series called

Lie to Me.


The story is about a scientist called Dr. Cal Lightman who teaches a course of body language. He is hired to work for the police or the FBI when they fail to find out the truth. Other main character is Dr. Gillian Foster who is a psychologist and also an expert at understand human body language/mind.


It is given a rating of 7.9/10 on IMDb.

Created by: Samuel Baum



Tim Roth - Dr. Cal Lightman

Kelli Williams - Dr. Gillian Foster

Brendan Hines - Eli Loker - a student/employee of Lightman, helping with computer knowledge

Monica Raymund - Ria Torres - also a student/employee of the Lightman Group(name of the company)





My personal opinion: The show is good. I had doubts before starting to watch, don't know why but I actually get to enjoy episodes, maybe you can even acquire basics about lies.


I think it worth watching.


What do you think?

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I got sucked into watching this from the start on Netflix. Pretty intresting spin on the "CSI" type shows that are out now, but the plots get repetitive pretty fast. Still the main character is so sarcastic and has such a quick wit it keeps you coming back for more. Pretty much what lured me into watching "House" and why I keep reading all the "Unban me" requests directed towards Joe Dirt. You know something funny is gonna happen.

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