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Configing my Own Server



Hey guys.. Since I have lots of downtime atm, I just went around to starting my own jaymod server. So far, I learned alot, making a server config, campaigns and what not. The only thing I really don't get is most of the cvars in Jaymod, which only describe what the cvar is for.


Like for example, how the heck do you set that "g_campaignfile" cvar?? Is it really needed? there is others like it like, "mapscripts",.. and something else I forgot the name, and too lazy to look it up right now. I have limited time on this libary computer. Would just like to know. Also Why does W:ET NOT support Stereo wav files? I noticed that is somewhat a pain, as I have to convert wav files for them to work.


Anyhow, I hope I will get net back sometime. I really do miss playing et with all of you. Also, I might not need to be asking this but.. how does one get Omni-Bots to work on there own server? I only got as far as uncommenting a few cvars in the config files, and they load.. Almost. Keeps saying something about "Invaild Bot Functions" or something.

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google @ "jaymod manual pdf", first hit gives me http://jaymod.clanfu.../jaymod-2.0.pdf A bit old, but newer pdfs (or other documentation) isn't online.


Anyway, searching in that pdf on g_campaignfile gives me



g_campaignFile “0”



Usually Enemy Territory will force a client to download any file on the server (either in the

mod directory or etmain) that contains a file that contains campaign information. If you

want to change this behavior, you can set g_campaignFile to the filename holding the

specific campaign you want to use. Note that you must set this to the campaign file, not

the pak file holding the campaign file.


Example: set g_campaignFile “mycampaign.campaign”


I hope this helps. There's also a part about omni-bots in that document btw, but note that it is probably a bit old and things might have changed. But only one way to find out :P

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Well, I seen that. I read all the info on it and junk, just don't understand how to set it.. Like... point it to "C:\Program Files\WolfenstienEnemyTerritory\campaign.cfg"?? just need to know. That is one thing that bothers me, as without it, everything works well.


I recently used that MapRotation tool found on the net. Forgot what site it was exactly, next time I find it, during my random outtings, ill write it down. and well, I guess what I should really be doing is Extract the .campaign file, and point g_campaignfile to that? I usally just have it exec in my server.cfg file, and it loads as it should.


Also, what is a good free program I can use to convert audio files?? Turns out W:ET does not support stereo wav files, Have to downconvert to 22hz, 41, or whateva the other hz is, and make sure its in Mono. So far, I just open the wav file in NCH WavePad, then save it as mono. Also about Omni-Bots.. I finally got them to work last night, however, there difficulty is really high. Even with there difficulty set on 1 which is easiet.


I had them at -1 before, that being random for each bot, but they were too good, and at 1 they are somewhat good. They don't always shoot me at first, but when they do, man it hurts. I have aimadjust on, so that every shot isnt a headshot, but they are still tough..

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Hmm no response.. I can only read these posts at a limited time, and day people.. but anyhow.. other things in the configs bother me. well, i figured out about mapconfigs, and g_mapscriptdirectory .


Another thing.. the admin log will NOT work.. is that because im on no network thus its not a real server? I have the path set, but when i do a bunch of admin cmds, i see nothing showing up..


How do you make a proper watermark? I read in the jaymod pdf that it needs to be a certain size, and "a power of 2" i think. I tried resizing a pic in Gimp, but it will not work. Also, where is the Lagometer sharder.. image thing? It seems my jaymod is missing it, or et itself.. I reinstaled both and it still says its missing it


I noticed also when I run omni-bot with jaymod, it will keep saying "warning: setstate called and no entitles found" in red, yet the bots work just fine.. Is that something I should be worried about?


It also says cannot find shader models/mapobjects/furniture/bread.tga and sasage.tga.. I think that only applys to No Quarter.. but it still shows when i run my jaymod server..


that is just a few questions I have for right now. Sorry for a long post, but having no access to net for awhile, and only limited time and days i can go to the libary does that to ya heh.

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There are many tutorials (even I wrote one) that you can read that will help you set up a jaymod server. There is obviously a lot to learn and you are asking too many questions at one time for anyone to clearly answer you. Try googling these questions and you will find that most are already answered somewhere.


You should also thoroughly read the official jaymod forum at http://jaymod.clanfu.org/forums

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Yea I understand... Sorry. Its just that I have limited time, and I don't want to ask just one Question, and Come back, having the answer, then I need to know something else, but I can't make it back up to the libary to check on the answer. I have only an hours time and limited time/Days I can come up here, simply cuse I live a few miles from Town, where the Libary is.


Anyhow, I guess I'll look them up if I can. If anyone knows of any good sites I can look up, plz by all means.. Pm them to me, or post here. I got most of everything working atm, just a few loose ends that kinda make me go MEH ya know? heh

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Let me try to help you with a first step at some of your questions... My server was jaymod 2.10, wich can be slighty different.


The campaigncycle --> just add: exec campaigncycle.cfg in your config.

Then make a file called campaigncycle.cfg and place it in etmain folder. Edit this with .txt extension.

Also check your gametype is set too campaignmode. We had gametype 2 activated, so we made an objectivecycle.cfg

set g_gametype X (look up in the jaymod.pdf guid)

I also would add this set com_watchdog_cmd "exec campaigncycle.cfg"

Server will definitly load the correct cfg then after a crash. Or it will restart campaingcycle if he doesnt know what campaign to load as next one. Otherwise could be he just keeps sticking at 1 map.


Ooh and creating mapcycles, or campaigncycles is easy to do manually, you'll find examples enough.

Short example of an objectivecycle I had:


set d1 "set g_gametype 2; map bremen_b2; set nextmap vstr d2"

set d2 "set g_gametype 2; map sp_delivery_te; set nextmap vstr d3"

set d3 "set g_gametype 2; map supplydepot; set nextmap vstr d4"

set d4 "set g_gametype 2; map battery; set nextmap vstr d5"

set d5 "set g_gametype 2; map oasis; set nextmap vstr d1"


vstr d1



Next one: adminlog:

set g_adminLog "admin.log"

set g_logsync 0 (explained in jaymod2.2.pdf)

set logfile 1

This settings should do it. Normaly an adminlog file should be createn automaticly now (once server is running again).


About mapscripts: this can overrule the standard cfg. So if you change gravity at one map, but dont reset it in the map coming after that one, gravity could still be the same as in the mapscript before. Needs focus.


Last thing about music: always mono and in low quality, 22000hz is max I think. If I'm right we saved it in even lower quality and I always used Adobe Audition for this.

If you want I can upload an example of a complete jaymod 2.10 cfg to see other settings as example.



The Dude

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Well, I finally figured out why the admin log would not show. I had to make the path "jaymod/logs/admin logs/derp.log" And I can't really remember what else I did, but all is well.. Just can't find anything on how to make a Watermark. The link in the jaymod guide is.. not working. so I'm sol on that.

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