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  1. ROFL, are you still playing the game? And Jay3 still exists?! Haha, after all those years this made shit is still running huh?! Damn you're dedicated man! And we get old. I am still retired btw, but for some reason this forum started spamming my inbox since a couple of weeks and now I see your message. I'll turn notifications off again I think, but take care and who knows one they I'll re-enter the servers. BTW whats up with the health problems? I hope you're ok. Take care!
  2. Happy Birthday The Dude!

  3. Are we talking about mp_sub_rc1.pk3 ? Wich is a version of das boot. If we are then the waypoints used to work fine on that map. If they arent working anymore (been a while since I played that map), They just need to be re-uploaded. They are included in the basic version of the latest omnibot version for jaymod. Called: mp_sub_rc1.way and mp_sub_rc1.gm. Would be pretty useless to start waypointing for a map that has waypoints since couple of years huh. But like Gub says, just send me a pm, I'm around on the forum, just not that active as I used to be since my son started breathing.
  4. Install Windows 98 or so... every update they bring, lagging on game-servers gets worse. Nah serious, I had Windows XP, it went smooth. Vista was bad, now Windows 7 with a pc twice as fast as the older one (with XP on) gives me more lag then ever before. Windows 8 coming up now, and I think its ready to disable gaming completly.
  5. Please donate the 1460 dollars thats left and help us out with this problem
  6. How about this and just let it loop in horizontal direction if possible?
  7. File Name: Killhouse V12 Christmas Edition File Submitter: The Dude File Submitted: 01 Nov 2012 File Category: Maps Map could be usefull for a Christmas Event maybe... Click here to download this file
  8. Version


    Map could be usefull for a Christmas Event maybe...
  9. In addition, the special edition of Purefrag (zipped), a map small enough to test it. The mapscript included, the wayfile for bots and the pk3 file, because the time-limit of the map was set to 2 minutes now. If you use the mapscript, don't forget to set all cvars back to normal in the map following after this one. Atm it's set to having 1 life. Feel free to set it to 2 for example. This are the cvars: set g_misc "32" set g_maxlives 1 set g_alliedmaxlives 1 set g_axismaxlives 1 set team_maxMedics "-1" set team_maxFieldOps "0" set team_maxEngineers "0" set team_maxCovertOps "0" set team_maxMortars "0" set team_maxPanzers "0" set team_maxFlamers "0" set team_maxpanzers "0" set g_loseSpreeLevels "1" set g_killSpreeLevels "3 4 5 6 7 8" set g_bannerTime "7" set g_banners "2" set g_banner1 "^12 MINUTES GAMING AND YOU ONLY GOT 1 LIFE!" set g_banner2 "^1Hint: BE MEDIC AND REVIVE YOUR TEAMMATES!" For the objectivecycle then: it's just a mather of repeating it 2 or 3 times after eachother. Example: set d1 "set g_gametype 2 ; map purefrag ; set nextmap vstr d2" set d2 "set g_gametype 2 ; map purefrag ; set nextmap vstr d3" ... and then another map.... Co-leaders / leaders could have !restart cmd maybe, if players all start to shout they want to do it one more time hehe. Cheers, The Dude PurefragSpecialEdition.zip
  10. I'll upload a mapscript and a map to test it one of the next days, I noticed Fata Morgana is just a little too big. It's more fun with a smaller map.
  11. Working so crazy hard this week

  12. Ye map is a little bigger then I thought at first sight. Need a map like Valhalla for it or so.
  13. Hi, at jay4 the map Fata Morgana is uploaded. Some players find it a bit boring, cause its a pure frag map. I have an idea to make it more exiting. How about creating a mapscript for it and change a couple of things: *give players max 2 lives *map gets looped 2 or 3 times before going to the next map *map duration at max 1 or 1+1/2 minute. So specs (once they are dead) dont get frustrated. *no field ops class alloud *no heavy weapons I did this once at my old server and people enjoyed it back then. Usely after 40 secs it was over. Players wanted to play it over and over again.
  14. Now there already exist such a script, right? It was posted here few years ago I saw. I add the script to my post. anti-walljump-script-for-oasis_v2.zip

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