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Recruiting Server - UJE the only 40-50 player map


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I just left the RECRUITING server. As usual, there were over 40 people playing, and Gold Rush ended as it always does, with the tank never making it to Barrier #2. The Axis spawn is too close to objectives and there's consistantly too many on the server to ever have any variation in outcome. GermanKiller agreed that nothing has ever been done to eliminate these tiny 16 player maps with something similar to UJE or Temple which can accomodate the 40 player averages in prime-time gameplay. Both Gold Rush and Oasis (which is as strategic as all guns pointed at two holes) are 16 player maps in serious need of replacement. "Recruiting" is popular not because of the current map cycle, which is being tolorated more than enjoyed, but because of the Jaymod configuration of the server. I don't go to "Beginners" because of all the CONSTANT VC chatting and noise. I don't go to "Hardcore" because of the server configuration. So DON'T try to simply blow off this thread by saying "go to another server". RECRUITING needs a serious facelift and others have voiced similar opinion. Just replacing Gold Rush with Super Gold Rush would be a GREAT start if dead-set on keeping a gold rush layout.

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I just want to voice the counter argument, seeing as you probably didn't consider it (understandably). I've been on in the afternoon, which is generally late at night/early morning, and the numbers have been low, very low, and maps like Supply and stock Goldrush are perfect for these times, whereas when maps like MLB Temple and UJE come on, a collective groan sorta comes up because of the size, and the low number of players. It is hard to choose maps for a server when there are such fluctuating numbers, and you could be a bit more empathetic with the operators of the server, because it is a hard job to choose a good map, and they are making a good effort.

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