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So, Hi


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My name is KITE


Im 20 years old and live in Belgium. Apart from studying I enjoy a game of Wolfenstein from time to time.

These days I play at the Hardcore server, I used to play ETpro though. Ive been playing this game for like 4 years now (been on crossfire for 3 years 9 months it says, but i used to pubstar a lot before that)

I used to run a server aswel (scrimserver that is, no pub) and even have my own team (only a short while, ET was kinda dying and people move on). I'm not saying I'm a superhero-mega-gamer but I do tear up the Hardcore server, im there just for the fun of it and (call me a ****) I cant care about the objectives.


"Then why do you play on FA servers?". Lets just say I'm a 'party-gamer'. I'm in it for the fun, I've never been hyper-competetive. I took a brake out of ET about 1 year ago, and around september I got kinda bored (weather got worse) and started playing around again. (You don't just quit ET, haha). I forgat my SLAC account and was lazy, and joined a 'random server' => Tada... we're 4 months later.


More about my personallity i suppose?

Emm, as I said, I'm in it for the lulz. You cant seduce me with 'adminlevels' so i don't really 'suck up' to you. My apologies, i just want to enjoy myself, so if I'm being a **** that just means I'm getting bored... Just talk to me (noone of FA ever talks...)


Some more keywords on me? Well, I used to Poker a lot so if you're interested in that (I made 500$ out of air and stuff) and I'm in the University studying Applied Economics; Trade Engineer.


Ask me questions or game with me, I'm mostly on the Hardcore server


Yours, KITE


e: PS. I uploaded my config somewhere here aswell, people have been asking for it, find it

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Hmm if it's u on ur profile pic, no one will try to seduce u :P

More srsly, everyone has his own game style to get some fun, u don't care about obj, it's ur choice and u're not the only.

In =F|A= servers, everyone can play as he wants, as long as he respects the rules ;)

So, :welcome

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