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  1. I heard there are free win7 ultimates online somewhere... " i dont know tho "
  2. KITE


    - Cg_crosshairpulse 0 - use a red or white small dot as xhair - reload whenever your gamesens says it's possible, you need all your bullets. - crouching is really good if you're getting no counter-fire. in combat it harder (but possible aswell), enemies hit your head more often. - bind crouch to shift or control, and the one that needs to be pressed down to be crouched. (and bind sprint to mouse3 or so, somewhere) the rest are some good tips indeed
  3. KITE


    48+% acc is no big problem in a pub server. It's not what you need to win tho. Headshotacc is what you want! Try to know where the people come from, use the corners to pick their heads. Take people one at a time. Get a good mouse that is easy to handle like MX512 or any other gaming mouse (20$ gets you set up) Get a decent, no clutter, no shit config, something simple. Too bad i deleted mine. Use rather slow sensitivity, you should be able to do a 180, no more. Go look for "Aiming by Raziel" on google, it's an aiming guide. Practice on etpro server. Play scrims Dont play Jaymod, if you want to gain SOME skill play at least the hardcore server when it's not full (10 v 10 is ideal for aiming practice in general) an ETpro server (TZAC) is even better (~Google it) Play max 3 maps in a row, then do something else. Talk ingame with people, it diverts the mind a bit but it will keep you sharp. Dont prac against Bots, thats retarded. ... for 15$ an hour i can make you go 80-10 on the hardcore server 2 out of 5 maps in 2 months, guaranteed.
  4. https://www.gameservers.com/order/step2.php?game=8&type=public&players=24 25$/month bro... dont let them fool you
  5. Jupiler for everyday and parties De Koninck, La Chouffe and Vedett when im drinking with friends. Tho im belgian im not fond of dark beers. It gives me the shits . Chouffe is something you really should get if you see it, quality beer there brother!
  6. None, just dont be a dumb f*** and avoid the viri
  7. My neighbors have a dog... Worst kind of bark ever, he's a jack russel and i f***ing hate him. Soon...
  8. Study till im 26, then im going to be mid or high tier manager in most likely a big chemical company like Bayer or Johnson&Johnson. Or, im going to start my own company. Or, I'm becomming trader/analyst in the forex or stockmarket. Np4me...
  9. Open the pak1.pk3 with winrar (or the other pakX.pk3 files) and search. 99.5% sure it's in there!
  10. Lol the first is so creative.
  11. Happy Birthday KITE!

  12. Happy Birthday KITE!

  13. KITE

    Anonymous Proxy

    Hardwareban, but thats as easy as using a proxy.... So, no, you cant ban him
  14. 100% legit, HARDCORE server. Its possible on every server, you can barely block this from happening

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