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Trillion frames per second camera


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We have developed a camera that captures movies at an effective capture rate of a trillion frames per second. In one frame of our movie, light moves only about 0.6 mm. We can observe pulses of light as they propagate through a scene. We use this information to understand how images are composed and to learn things about a scene that are invisible to a regular camera.MIT Medial Lab

This allows Visualizing Light at Trillion FPS



Pretty cool actually. In university I heard that people are working on a tool to make the motion of an electron visible.

(Until now they can reconstruct the motion but not really visualize it.)

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It looks fake for me. Why the bottle still has the ad of Coca Cola? Why is at sight? Why a plastic bottle and not a glass bottle?


well you use plastic because glass will reflect, and the coca cola ad the most like lie forgot to remove it.

but yes it is fake because when you get over 100.000 fps you need to turn to black and white because coler is way to much work for the prosesor to get this frame rate in coler you need an epic amount of ram

and if you use a coca cola bottel you need to pin point your lazer, because to bottem of a coca cola bottle inst nice and round

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Well, here in this case you have no military motivation and no state in the background that forces this publication.

A scientist that fakes a publication looses his reputation and would not get any projects anymore. In the worst case he would even loose his academic grades. Hard to believe that somebody would take this risk just to film a light beam through a bottle..

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