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deleting duplicates in itunes


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Does anyone know of a good program to delete all the duplicates in an itunes library? Instead of doing it manually one by one.


It doesn't matter whether it is free or not. Just need a good one.

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What about the Itunes function just doing that:




dunno if it works, I don't use Itunes (just used my googlebot ^^)


Right, that works. But you end up having to delete them manually. I just want a program to go through and delete them for me.


Personally don't feel like going thru 22,000 songs....

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I swear I've used the duplication function in itunes to delete all the duplicated songs....


it shows you all of the duplicated songs in one list, then you ctrl+A and delete them all... or is there something else you want it to do?


When you click on show duplicates, it also shows the normal song. so if you ctrl-a and delete them, you'll loose the duplicates and originals.




Cleans all existing problems with iTunes.


Sweet thx, i'll check it out!

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How do you get duplicates anyways?

Just delete all from itunes and add them back.. should remove all duplicates too... not if you have all your songs double on your computer lawl.. then you just gotta delete those one by one I guess


I took about 8000 songs from one friend. 4000 from another friend, 9000 from another friend, and had about 1000 on my own computer.


Add them all together its about 22,000 songs. But some of our songs overlapped, about 5000 songs or so. So its not double only in itunes, but in the actual folder.


The program (http://www.tuneupmedia.com/) works ok tho, even tho its costs some money. Its worth the time it saved.

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