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MW3 Double XP selling on eBay for a good chunck of money


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I just sold 6hrs worth of double XP for Xbox of PS3 MW 3 for $35. It's rediculous. I've actually sold $185 worth of it so far. Yesterday I took down the recyclables at work and gathered 6hr's worth of caps in a single clear bag ha. I stayed in the service elevator to do my dumpster diving.


Just giving anyone a heads up that wants some easy cash.

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The double XP comes from MT Dew's promotion. The first time I actually posted on eBay before I bought the dew's from the store. 12 packs are about $4 each + tax at walmart and worth 45 minutes of XP. So if you sold 6hrs worth you could get 8 12 packs for next to nothing after eBay fees. I dont mind because it will be luck if I get more. Timing on eBay is everything. The prices change all the time for it so wait until the price is up :)


Now if you find the 12 ounce caps or you can rip the code off of some 12 packs then its all profit. I post it under Video Games > Prepaid Gaming Cards My post looks like:



If you're a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) fan, looking for a way to level up online faster, this is the deal for you.


This is a 6Hour Double XP Voucher from a Call of Duty event. Winner will receive quick delivery to the Gamer Tag/ID of their choice on system (XBOX or PS3) of their choice.


Note that this is not an auction for caps or sweepstakes entries or anything of that matter, but a voucher from a Call of Duty MW3 Release Event that will be delivered once payment is received. Once voucher has been delivered to the gamertag/ID, the XP will become available immediately, which can be verified in the 'Barracks' in game. (may have to log out and back in for it to update.)





PAYPAL ONLY!!!! When i receive your payment, the account info get email as soon as possible.


Please leave feedback! I will do the same!



Thank you,



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No it requires specially marked 12 packs or plastic bottles. Each 12 pack is 45 minutes and each bottle is 15 minutes. Basically if you stumble on some bottle caps you can make some money or if you buy some 12 packs, you can have some free dew.


I'm just highlighting the stupidity or excessive spending some people partake in. I'd like to use the double xp but at $5 an hour of it I'm selling and leveling the ole fashion way.

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