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Hook a brother up!

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I guess I should have some kind of picture under my posts, everyone else does. Who can help me out?? Btw most of my pics have been spiderman if you haven't seen that yet.

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Hey Wiz, I just got mine up n running yesterday. Member Epiofail helped me with the details, but i think i get it now

  • First design or find your artwork online somewhere. It must be a maximum of 600 pixels wide x 130 pixels tall or smaller, or it wont work.
  • Second, you need to "copy" the URL of your art.
  • Next, Goto forum, click your settings, then click signature. (thats what the forum post artwork is called, your signature)
  • Ok, now once the signature window opens, click the little green "image" button in the middle of the second row of toolbar
  • Now a smaller window will come up asking for a url for your art, so "paste" it in the bar
  • Last, click save and close!
  • ConGrats, you should be rockin art with the big boys now!

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