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TDM server


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Now I'm a newbie.... There, I've said it!!! If I get 10 - 15 kills, I'm a happy bunny and I love the TDM CoD server too.


I may be totally crap, but I really enjoy playing with you guys although I play on my PC and my fingers are not as nimble as the Xbox users, but what the heck, it's all good fun and there are some REALLY good guys playing.


But.............. Over the past few days, I have seen some weird stuff when I have been playing. I have seen players literally walking through walls........ they looked a little "semi-transparent" and then they turned and shot me after I had had emptied a mag into them. The other thing was I came across a couple of these guys in a building and emptied a mag into them at close range, i.e. inside a room and then they simply turned around and shot me with 1 shot. Now I'm pretty sure that this isn't quite right and is certainly not in the spirit of the game and neither is using aimbots.


If people get off on cheating like this, then they are pretty sad, but please don't screw up a great server like this one is. There are plenty of players below and at my level and if anything is guaranteed to drive players away it's cheaters like this on the server.


If you read this, then you know who you are!

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Hi Alexandra, thanks for this. Now this is how much of a newbie I am, how do I add you on xfire and what is xfire?


Download xfire here


Once you've downloaded it join the =F|A= xfire group here

Also check forums for some active COD members who can ban ^^ add leaders/co-leaders/cod members if you want, most of them are able to ban.

Almost everyone has xfire :]

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here a guide on how to use xfire: http://fearless-assa...__fromsearch__1


you can also add me on xfire, im usually on bout 14 hours a day....ish. We understand there are hacker and cheaters and we try our best to keep them down or ban them. If you see someone hacking and cannot get a hold of anyone please post on our forums the name, time and server along with a demo of the hacker and we will take care of them. Thanks!

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