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Enemy Territory - Modified client file - ET


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File Name: Enemy Territory - Modified client file

File Submitter: tdkxeon

File Submitted: 10 Nov 2011

File Category: Software


I have recompile et.exe from source code to optimize for dual and quad core processors


just replace ur older version of wolfe.exe with this one.


its still in alpha version, so pls dont mess up ur main wolfet. this is just for testing and reporting any bugs and crashes


only tested in windows xp, not in vista or windows 7


more changes to come, stay tuned !!


Note: Use it at your own risk.


Click here to download this file

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I got it running on Win7 64bit, no problems, played several maps too. I'm running a Xeon X3230 Quad 2.66ghz. Should there be anything to look for running this recompiled version?



Intel® Processor Identification Utility

Version: 4.40.20111025

Time Stamp: 2011/12/01 12:50:34

Operating System: 6.1-7601-Service Pack 1

Number of processors in system: 1

Current processor: #1

Active cores per processor: 4

Disabled cores per processor: 0

Processor Name: Intel® Xeon® CPU X3230 @ 2.66GHz

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  • Clan Friend

Is it a server with punkbuster? I think pb will obviously check if you have original ET or not, I don't think pb is such a fail that it doesn't even check for that, but it could be :).


If it's just a recompile without any changes don't expect huge performance increases anyway.

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