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What's with the hackers? xD


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Yo Dawgs


Just checking out the leaderboards earlier and found this interesting guy.


He had a killstreak of 2600 on 0 , so i was like, lets check him out.


Here's what i found:




4045 kills but only 1517 shots fired? How's that possible? And 16% accuracy? I'd call that 400% accuracy LOL


Any thoughts?

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im not really a dawg to you,


and i'd say this is either a hack or he found some way to change it on the site? :confused

Anyway i dont play bf so.. maybe you should ask someone who plays it..


EDIT: I just found out that this topic is located on BattleField section, SO DONT READ THE LAST SENTENCE,


thank you very much :)

Edited by Warning.
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Play on PBBans streaming server. Sadly BF3 doesn't have demo record facility in game so more cheaters on loose. On our official servers:




You can check PBSS of players and if you find something fishy, please report on forums and we can get that player banned.

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'provide: screenshots and video': yeah with what ^^ ROFL

=> screenshots: screenshot.render

=> video: need to use third party software, makes sense and even then how are you going to proof it, you can't spec him



ps. I'm regular checking all those screenshots

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I am not sure how accurate the battle log is, it still shows me as playing a different server in my recent server list as opposed to the one i just played, plus it's telling me that I played that server 52mins ago when I just played the =F|A= server for 52 mins, so I am thinking that it may be inaccurate info.


In a nutshell battlelog is giving me info that isn't true.


Just a thought. :)

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